Make your First Dance a memory that you'll cherish forever...

You’ve said I do. You’ve shared your first kiss. The toasts and speeches have been made. And now, here it is, the big moment—the first dance. Are you confident that you’ll leave your guests dazzled, or worried that you’ll just shuffle through this moment, counting steps and praying you won’t trip? 

Don’t worry. Dance Fun USA offers a series of first wedding dance classes guaranteed to take away the jitters and give you the confidence you need to elegantly master your first dance on your wedding day. You'll be able to learn from our studio conveniently located near Naperville, Aurora, and Plainfield.

  1. Basic Wedding Dance:

    Learn the steps to a dance of your choice, choreographed to a musical selection you have chosen. With help from our expert instructors, you'll be dancing after your very first lesson. With subsequent lessons, you’ll gain confidence and fluidity, and be gliding around the dance floor by the day of your wedding.

  2. Advanced Moves:

    You’ll have the chance to incorporate some glamour and flair into your first dance with some exciting moves, like dips and twirls. You’ll work with your instructor to choreograph a dance that highlights your new dance skills for your friends and family during your first dance. You’ll be sure to hear lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd as you spin across the dance floor.

  3. Exhibition Dance:

    You’ll add an exciting entrance and dramatic exit to your choreographed advanced dance—something that really grabs your guests’ attention. The exhibition dance package elevates your first dance into a showstopper. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like all eyes are on you, the exhibition dance package will make that possible at your wedding. 

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