Benefits of Dance Lessons

Dancing has long been known for building Social Confidence, giving Health & Exercise, Having Fun, Meeting New Friends while Developing Self Expression and Enjoying a new relaxing hobby. In our studio we offer all of the above.

Social Confidence

Our dancers develop a high level of confidence, while quickly developing the ability to enjoy themselves. Seniors soon bring their dancing up to date, while in our Tween (teen age) Class they learn to dance and soon have more confidence with the opposite sex. This confidence carries over to their other walks in life.

Health & Exercise

A study found that dancing is the only exercise, recommended by doctors which gradually develops your good health, no high impact, which is bad for your joints - no sudden, heavy jolts, just a gradual form of low impact exercise which shows great improvement, while you have fun and enjoy yourself. It"s a fantastic way to get back in shape. Improves cardiovascular health, develops muscular co-ordination, fights dementia and most of all it's - a pleasure to do!

Having Fun

While learning to dance, you will be surrounded by new friends which you will be proud to call your friends. Our teachers and students are the friendliest people in town. All enjoying our party atmosphere.

Meeting New Friends

In next to no time at all, your dance moves will fall into place and you will join our "Dance Meet-up Practice Parties." Here you will practice your moves with your partner or other students, under the supervision of our instructors, "so help is at hand."

Developing Self Expression

Once you have gained the basic moves, you will soon harmonize movement and music with your dance partner. This will give you and your partner a fantastic feeling, through your body movement, of flair and grace. These expressive qualities will improve, and transfer to other pastimes even when you are not dancing.

Enjoying relaxation

In the hustle and bustle of the life we all lead today, dancing allows you to relax, forget tensions of the day, relieving your stress, and allows you to concentrate on yourself. 

A New Hobby

Soon you will be out dancing, whether it's at a wedding, a party, one of the many Latin, Country, or Swing Clubs. It could even be doing your very own spotlight, showcase, entering competitions.

At an affordable price

Here at Dance Fun Lessons we pride ourselves with giving the very best in dance instruction, right up to dance, and at the most affordable price.